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I have done the first 5 RCL cruises and it has been a blast. This year because of the line up I decided not to book the cruise. But for sure looking at 2019 line up so far I think I will book 2-3 rooms with my mates.If only you would book GLENN HUGHES!!He is a true rock legend and the voice of Deep Purple and BCC. He is doing his Deep Purple classics tour next year. And to add some funkrock I suggest MOTHERS FINEST.Just do it. With love from Amsterdam ( The Netherlands)

by Keith Ward on Rock Legends Cruise
Rock's Legendary Cruise

For the fans of classic rock, there is nothing in the world to compare with RLC. It is the best of the best of music cruises. In addition to non-stop classic rock on three different stages, the cruise offers meet and greets, photo-ops, artist signings, auctions, raffles and, more than anything else, memories to last a lifetime. Are you tired of being brushed off by egotistical artists? The artists who book are truly fan-friendly and I've never felt that any artist I met on RLC was anything other than friendly. You could try several other musical cruises before landing on RLC but why would you? RLC is the creme de la creme. Guaranteed!


We have been on 3 and love it! We have made this our annual vacation and love every minute of it. We have met some wonderful people and listen to some incredible music - what is not to LOVE

by Lynne Bexley on Rock Legends Cruise
Rock Legend Cruises ROCK!

I have ❤️ loved all 4 of the 5 I have been on. Looking forward to VI. Some of the best times of my life! And I have met some of the greatest people on Earth. Thanks for every memory! RLC ROCKS!

by Goofy B. on Rock Legends Cruise
Best Vacation

Non-Stop music from morning till night on 3 stages. So, there is going to be something you like at any time going on somewhere on there ship. Meet and greets, photo-ops, All food included, 24 hour room service available. Top notch music entertainment. Hoping to do this every year.

by Liz & Kevin McTaggart on Rock Legends Cruise
Party Like A Rock Star!!!

RLC 5 was our first to celebrate my husband’s 50th…We are booked on RLC 6 and are counting the days! We had such a great time on this cruise….it’s like a year’s worth of all of our favorite classic rock concerts rolled into 5 magical days! There is something for everyone…music, meet & greets, interviews, rock auction, raffles, etc. What we enjoyed the most was the people….we now count the RLC folks as part of our rock & roll family, and look forward to seeing everyone again next year. We are proud and honored to support the Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) by enjoying this fabulous cruise every year. Being from the West Coast, we hope someday there will be an additional cruise on the West Coast…we will attend BOTH!

by Tracy Childress on Rock Legends Cruise

We have been on several different music cruises. Rock Legends is our absolute favorite. Been on all 5 and booked 6 on day one. Such a wonderful time.

by Jim McGue on Rock Legends Cruise
Good Times, Good People

Like minded people having a great time. You remember the Twilight Zone episode with Scatman Cruthers? All the old folks at the rest home that run outside at midnight to play in the yard. They turn young again and have a hoot playing kick the can! Well that is what the cruise is like, no worries, everyone is young and enjoying music like we did back in the day!

by Laurie Macalady on Rock Legends Cruise
Life Changing Cruise

We have been on RLC since day 1, we were a little skeptical about doing this, we had never cruised before! We met friends that are now like family, the music has always been over the top! We have never had a bad experience, this is just beautifully done! We will be going as long as you will be doing this cruise!!!

by Bill Hollis on Rock Legends Cruise

Wifey and I have been on 4 of the 5 RLCs,....There is NO experience like a Rock Legends Cruise. The music that envelops you, the friends you make, who become the family you love! The joining of this family, to help one of the finest charities I've ever encountered, is a gala we are loathe to miss, ever! Thank You, NAHA!

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I have ❤️ loved all 4 of the 5 I have been on. Looking forward to VI. Some of the best times of my life! And I have met some of the greatest people on Earth. Thanks for every memory! RLC ROCKS!


I had the best time on RLC 4 and can’t wait for RLC 6! Where else can you sit down for breakfast and have Uriah Heep sitting at the table next to you? Amazing!